Balsom in the community

We are passionate about the community we serve and make it a team priority to give back as much of our passion as we can. As such, we strive to donate not just money, but our time and talents to the organizations we love.

We believe in volunteering, donating our services and sharing as much as we can with the people who live, work and play here. Our publications and signature projects showcase the services and hard work of social profit organizations in our region. Following our community-forward vision, we encourage and support our team members to be involved in the community. 

Just some of our projects and organizations that Balsom and our team members are passionate about contributing to are:

Fort McMurray Food Festival in support of Waypoints

The Fort McMurray Food Festival was founded in 2017 with the help of Balsom Communications President Krista Balsom. Since then, Krista has served as Chair of the Food Festival Committee, leading a team of volunteers to make the Food Festival a success each year. Since its inception, the Food Festival has raised over $300,000 for Waypoints.

Food Festival Website:
Waypoints Website:

Festival of Trees in support of the Northern Lights Health Foundation

Since 2013, Balsom Communications has been a proud tree sponsor at the Festival of Trees in support of the Northern Lights Health Foundation, working collaboratively each year with the Fort McMurray Heritage Society.

The Fort McMurray Festival of Trees raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Northern Lights Health Foundation, which supports the healthcare in the region.

Heritage Society Link:
NLHF Link:

Keyano Huskies

At our annual Top 50 Under 50 launch and holiday party, we are proud to partner with the Keyano Huskies to raise funds for the Huskies Athletics Program. This partnership has raised over $20,000 in support of student athletes in our region.

Keyano Huskies Website:
Keyano College Website:

Other organizations that we are proud to support:

We continually do our best to serve our region. If your organization or social-profit community would like our help, please email us at and we will do what we can to help out however possible.


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