Supporting the arts in Wood Buffalo

The team at Balsom is very proud to work with artists from all over our region from a wide variety of artistic disciplines, and many team members are in-fact artists themselves.

We’re poets, photographers, story-tellers, and more. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively and most importantly – creatively – to shine the brightest spotlight on those working and playing in the arts.

With collaborative partnerships with leading artists of all disciplines from all corners of our region, we work local whenever possible and use art to tell stories. We also love to introduce our clients to new artists and help match their needs with the best artist and collaborator to enhance and enrich their projects.

Some of our latest artistic collaborations include:

The YMM Builders Awards

Since its inception in 2019, we have commissioned the work of a different local artist each year to create one-of-a-kind awards for our YMM Builders. Though each is unique to the style of the artist who creates them, the awards always build upon the same foundation: a brick. This is to represent the work of the award recipients to build our community— both literally and figuratively.

“Bricks represent the solid foundation, strength of spirit and weighty contributions made by the builders, says 2020 Awards artist and Arts Council Wood Buffalo Executive Director Liana Wheeldon. “Some have built the ‘brick and mortar’ infrastructure in our region, some have built the industry, others have built a welcoming community. All have built this place we call home with their tenacity, compassion, and innovation.”

2019 YMM Builders Awards – Sharon Heading
2020 YMM Builder Awards, acrylic, pastel, and ink on construction bricks – Liana Wheeldon

Top 50 Under 50 Program

Each year, the Your McMurray Magazine Top 50 Under 50 program requires the time, talents, and skills of numerous collaborators. In 2020, we were fortunate enough to work with Amie Roberts of Amie Roberts Photography and Jen and Jerry Neville of Neville Video Productions. Their incredible work elevated the program and allowed our recipients to shine.

Amie Roberts Website:
Neville Video Productions Youtube channel:

If you are an artist in our region and you would like to work with our team on future projects, please feel free to reach out and email – we love to meet new collaborators!


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