A Magical Christmas Celebration for the Fort McKay Group of Companies

Posted by: Balsom Team

As the holiday season approached, Team Balsom geared up to orchestrate a beautiful and memorable Christmas celebration for Fort McKay Group of Companies.

Team Balsom embarked on the journey of conceptualizing a Christmas celebration for the group at the beginning of 2023! Believe it or not, a Christmas party can take a year to plan. Booking the venue, securing the vendors and a host, creating the graphic design for all the event materials, and planning the fine details that go accordingly with the vision take time!

The goal was to create a festive event bringing employees together in the true spirit of Christmas and Indigenous traditions.

Success lies in collaboration, and at Balsom Communications, we understand the importance of team synergy. The planning process involves the collective efforts of Fort McKay Group of Companies, Cass & Nat Event Planning and the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo.

Balsom Communications played a role in assisting the client through every stage of event planning to create an enchanting experience. Through collaborative efforts with the client, we oversaw all aspects of the event, ensuring that on the day of the event, everything was prepared and well-managed.

Thank you to the following who helped make the event possible:

Client: Fort McKay Group of Companies

Décor: Cass & Nat Event Planning

Photography and Photobooth: Life and Portraits by Crystal Mercredi

Music and Entertainment: DJ D-NYCE

Venue: Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo

Volunteer Group: BGC Fort McMurray

Master of Ceremonies: Miranda Beaton

Printing Services: Printing Unlimited