Coffee break with Balsom

Posted by: Emma Carter

If you could instantly learn one skill, what would it be?

Kerri Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager:
Construction stuff. I’d love to be able to finish my basement without relying on/paying someone else to do it.

Kelsey Stanley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator: 
I’d love to have an artistic skill… It is really my weakness! I’d love to be able to instantly pick up a paintbrush or similar tool and create something amazing! I can be creative but when it comes to creating art it is another story.

Andrew Johnstone, Lead Designer:
To play the piano. I am in awe of anyone who can sit down and play the piano without thinking.

Steve Auty, Special Projects Coordinator 
Singing, however, my vocal range is getting more limited. However, if I could instantly…

Emma Carter, Accounts Representative & Special Projects Manager:
French – the language and the braids!

Finn Leland, Digital Media Coordinator 
If I were to learn a new skill instantly, I’d want to understand a new language. It may take me a while to decide which language, though.


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