Happy Pride Month!

Posted by: Bret Klarenbach

What does Pride Month mean to you and those around you? What kind of emotions does this month elicit? Let’s talk about them.

Balsom has been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of individuals — within our internal teams, sponsors, clients, and beyond. These have all brought new perspectives, emotions, beliefs, values, and newfound energy that was sculpted into something brilliant. We have been blessed by individuals that identify as LGBTQ+ and will continuously implore those around us to gracefully embrace difference. In doing so, a few of our team members were posted up at the Pride Festival over the weekend in Fort McMurray alongside one of our clients, our friends at Imperial Oil. There was an immense sense of community from the games and giveaways to the magnetic Drag performances. There’s nothing quite like it.

Enabling these safe spaces that create inclusivity is paramount. It is ever more important to enter these safe spaces as allies to let our communities know we are here long after the tents and flags go down. When we involve ourselves as allies, these safe spaces exist in perpetuity through our welcoming smiles in the 11 other months of waking up exactly who we are, unafraid to express it. We only accomplish this by doing, and consistently showing up with the right mindset.

#Pride Month is more than awareness. Go to that Pride Festival. Grab some friends and catch a Drag show. Embrace the energy this month holds because it’s some of the most fun-loving, passionate, sincere, and welcoming energy you will ever experience in your life. Feel awkward. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone, because only as we confront those feelings of awkwardness and uncertainty is when we realize that maybe we should continue on without them. Consider that maybe we don’t need to try reasoning these differences at all. Maybe it just is, and we just are.

Balsom is a proud sponsor through Your McMurray Magazine and YMM Parent of the Fort McMurray Pride Festival, and we understand the hard work that goes into making this event possible. Thank you soo so much to the Pride Festival Committee who made this wonderful event such a joy, and allowed the rest of us to simply embrace all of its goodness. Happy #Pride ❤️🧡💛💚💚💜