How to write for YMM

Posted by: Emma Carter

So you’re interested in writing, hey? 

If you don’t know, in addition to our corporate services, we also publish two magazines here in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo: Your McMurray Magazine and YMM Parent. We run print editions of each magazine and have web exclusive content going up year-round. 

That’s where you come in. 

We’re always eager to meet new writers, whether you’re a seasoned journalist, an enthusiastic amateur, or an aspiring essayist. Maybe you have an idea for a great story, or maybe you don’t! Either way, the first step is easy-peasy – just email us

Seriously, email us. We’re really nice. Just do it. Introduce yourself, share a bit about yourself, your experience, your goals, and tell us you want to write! We want our writers to have a curious mind, the courage to ask questions, and the drive to find answers. 

If you have a specific story, pitch it to us. If you don’t know what you want to write about yet, don’t panic: we’ll toss some ideas your way and work with you to find what fits. If you have some writing samples, feel free to share them with us. 

The other way to set yourself up for success is so easy you’re doing it right now. Read! Read our magazines, sign up for the YMM Weekly, and check out our websites. This will give you a feel for the kind of content we publish, and it might help you find where your voice could fit. 

When I was a university student in second-year writing, Your McMurray Magazine was my first publication credit. Whether it’s your first story or your fiftieth, it’s always exciting to see your byline in-print or online. 

We’re storytellers here at Balsom, and we’d love to help you tell yours. So, what are you waiting for?