Welcome to Balsom Communications!

Posted by: Emma Carter

Oh, hello. Welcome! Come on in. We’re so happy you’re here. 

Welcome to Balsom Communications! Trust us when we say, we’ve been working on this new website for a lo-ong time. Don’t get us wrong, we’re hard workers. But we’ve been so focused on bringing our clients’ dreams to fruition, along with our suite of signature projects, that we sort of neglected things here in Balsom Communications cyberspace. 

2019 was a huge year for growth at our humble company. We worked long days and long weeks. We chugged coffee until we could sip wine. And then, of course, 2020 happened. We launched our news outlet, YMM News. We became Zoom experts and we stopped wearing pants. And while we were in lockdown, unable to visit our hairdressers, estheticians, or nail technicians, we realized we were starting to look like our own website. That is to say: rough.  

Cut to: a team of creative professionals finally doing for ourselves what we work so hard to do for everyone else. What you see before you is the culmination of hours of work. A Brazilian blowout, bikini wax, and a mani/pedi all in one. New year, new us. 

Don’t we look beautiful?

So please, stay a while and make yourself at home. Take a look around. We think you’re going to like what you see.