Coffee break with Balsom

Posted by: Emma Carter

It’s time for your weekly trip to the virtual break room with Balsom. Fix yourself a coffee, grab a seat and get to know us.

What was your first job?

Krista Balsom, President:
Working with my grandparents who were fisherpeople on Random Island. There was always work to be done and I spent many days on the boats with them, and then helping back on land, including making 25 cents a skiver for the process of drying capelin in the summers as a kid. After that, I definitely did a ton of babysitting, and then when I moved to Fort McMurray in grade 11 I started work at Wendy’s and that was my first “real job”.

Kerri Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager:
Dairy Queen, perfecting that iconic swirl on their soft-serve cones. Fun fact: I tried to impress my current boyfriend at a Vegas buffet at the start of our relationship, proudly proclaiming how awesome I was with my soft serve skills. Turns out I no longer actually possess those skills and have had to resort to using my charm to keep him locked down.

Kelsey Stanley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator: 
My first job was a sales associate at Eclipse. I loved this job because I got a discount on clothing, I didn’t make much money though because I would spend all my money on each season’s clothing lines

Dawn Booth, Editor in Chief of Your McMurray Magazine & YMM Parent: 
I was a dishwasher at a schnitzel house in my hometown. The worst part of my job was cleaning the gravy pots and clearing the plates. I didn’t stay long and it’s probably why I still loathe washing dishes to this day.

Emma Carter, Accounts Representative & Special Projects Manager:
Delivering the Saturday edition of the Fort McMurray Today! My dad, my older siblings and I would trek out every week to delivery the paper to approximately 200 houses in our neighbourhood. On nice days we’d have a green wagon filled with bundles of newspapers, and in inclement weather, we’d make use of the ole minivan to get the job done. By the time we were done each week, our palms would be stained with ink.


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