Coffee break with Balsom

Posted by: Emma Carter

If a song played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Kerri Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager:
P!nk’s Raise Your Glass

Dawn Booth, Editor in Chief of Your McMurray Magazine and YMM Parent:
Sting’s Englishman in New York. I’m kidding. I have no idea; maybe something with a trumpet. Trumpet playing in songs always makes them sound better.

Kelsey Stanley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator: 
Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Because who doesn’t love this song?

Andrew Johnstone, Lead Designer:
Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

Steve Auty, Special Projects Coordinator 
The Stones. Start Me Up.

Emma Carter, Accounts Representative & Special Projects Manager:
Donovan – Season of the Witch.


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