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End of Summer Patio Party

Have you got your beachball yet?

Any time is a good time to party in Fort McMurray...which is why the End of Summer Patio Party was perfect timing! With country superstar, Aaron Pritchett, some amazing food cooked up by the chefs at Prime Social Kitchen, and a patio-full of people looking for a good time (rain or shine!), this was a party to remember!

The Challenge:

Summer was coming to an end...and YMM-ers needed a good reason to party!

The Solution:

Balsom Communications' YMM partnered with Country 93.3 to bring in country superstar Aaron Pritchett, a lobster feast, $10K in prizes, and a bunch of beach balls for The End of Summer Patio Party! The result? The summer season was ushered out in true Fort McMurray style!