Signature Projects

Balsom Communications produces a suite of signature projects that have become fixtures in the Wood Buffalo region. These are passion projects, love letters to our community.

We believe in being committed to projects that push our community-forward and continuing to work to bring out the best of our region and display it for the world to see. We want to showcase the people and the stories that make this place what it is - our home.

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Top 20 Under 20

YMM Parent's Top 20 Under 20 program is a community focussed initiative that recognizes the incredible youth and children in the RMWB.

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YMM News

YMM News, a subset of Your McMurray Magazine, is a media outlet which brings the current, the critical, and the quirky to our community - in an entirely digital format.

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Your McMurray Magazine 2020 Flood Commemorative Edition

Your McMurray Magazine's 2020 Commemorative Flood Edition documents the events of the one in 100-year flood that impacted our community.

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Best of YMM

Your McMurray Magazine's Best of YMM highlights the best people, places, and food in the region — voted on by our readers.

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Top 50 Under 50

Your McMurray Magazine's Top 50 Under 50 program highlights and celebrates the people who work in our region each and every day to make this place our home.


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