Project Description

YMM News, a subset of Your McMurray Magazine, is a media outlet which brings the current, the critical, and the quirky to our community - in an entirely digital format.

Signature Project

Year Launched: 2020


Launched in 2020, YMM News is the companion to Your McMurray Magazine. A digital news platform that brings current events to the fingertips of our region. YMM News publishes a weekly newsletter, the YMM News Weekly Update. A lighthearted, informative, and interactive email campaign that features exclusive content and keeps the community connected to the latest and greatest in our beautiful region.

The YMM News team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who bring with them unique experiences, skill sets, and expertise. What they all have in common, though, is a passion for storytelling, and a passion for this region.

YMM News is part of the same family as Your McMurray Magazine and YMM Parent, and is just another way to reach community members in a more day-to-day way.